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NYCGHA Rec League

Rec League games are played at Chelsea Piers every Sunday at 4pm and 5:30pm with the exception of certain holidays and other scheduled bye weeks. The NYCGHA Rec League differs from the Sky Rink Adult Open League in several ways. All teams are evenly assigned approximately the same number of novice and intermediate players. This league is a great way for intermediate players to fine tune their skills, get some exercise, and help novice players learn the game. Novices will feel comfortable playing in this league because of its low pressure atmosphere and the added benefit of playing with and learning from more experienced players.

If you are interested in participating, please reach out to and provide a history of your playing background and what you would like to accomplish by joining the league.

If you are unable to join full-time this season, we have an option for you to play drop-in as an alternate skater. Please follow the steps below to become an alternate skater in the NYCGHA Rec League:

  • Read the Policies for Rec League Alternates.
  • Complete the Self-Evaluation Form.
  • Wait for an invitation to join TeamCowboy. Usually, we will get back to you within a few days. This website is where you will be able to access the full schedule and RSVP for games. Note that your application to join Rec League will be reviewed by the NYC Gay Hockey Association to ensure that you are a good fit for the league based on your answers to the Self-Evaluation Form. If you are not, someone will get back to you to discuss why, and to point you to alternatives, possibly on other NYC Gay Hockey Association teams.
  • Once you have been approved in step 3, then if you are not already a member of the NYC Gay Hockey Association, please register here. Note that dues are non-refundable.
  • Purchase one or more pre-paid alternate spots here. Note that if you do not use your pre-paid spots this season, they will automatically carry over to following seasons. Also note that if you do not have pre-purchased spots available, you will not be receive reminders of upcoming games, and you will not be able to RSVP as an alternate.


  • Teams will consist of sixteen full-time skaters.
  • Goalies will be assigned to each game and will switch half-way through the second period.


  • Each season will consist of a minimum of 16 games.


  • Full-Time Skater: $630
    • Full time players are guaranteed a spot in every Rec League game as long as the RSVP by Thursday at Noon before a Sunday game. If a full-time player does not RSVP by this deadline, he/she is not guaranteed a spot in the game.
  • Alternate: $40 (prepaid 3-game package), $45 (prepaid 1-game package). In order to be eligible to RSVP, you must:

    • Purchase and have available unused prepaid alternate spots. Prepaid spots can be purchased here.
    • Be a current paid member of the NYCGHA. If you are not a member, you can register here.
  • Goalies: No cost. Please contact us if you are interested.


  • There will be no refunds for missed games.
  • If a player is injured, and the injury prevents him from playing the rest of the season, she must notify her captain as soon as possible. A refund of half the value of the remaining games will be credited to the injured player’s account based on the number of remaining games from the point of notification to the end of the season.
  • Any player receiving a misconduct or game misconduct will automatically be suspended for one game with no refund for the missed game.
  • Any player receiving a second misconduct or game misconduct in a season will be automatically suspended for three games with no refund for the missed games.
  • Any player receiving a third misconduct or game misconduct in a season will be automatically suspended for the balance of the season with no refunds for missed games.

Game Location

  • All games take place at Sky Rink (West Rink) at Chelsea Piers, Pier 61, 2nd Floor. Pier 61 is at 23rd Street over the Hudson River.

Recreational League Feedback Form

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the game format?

Each game will have a 5-minute warm-up period followed by either three 15-minute stop-time periods, or three 20-minute running time periods. There will be a 1-minute intermission between periods. In the event of a tie at the end of regulation, a 5-minute sudden death 4-on-4 overtime will IMMEDIATELY start. The first one to score in the sudden death overtime wins.  If no team scores at the end of overtime, a shootout will decide the game. The shootout will start with a best of three. If still tied after the best of three, then the shootout goes to sudden death.

In a shootout, the captain must pre-select his/her first three shooters who will wait on the ice for their turn to shoot. All other players including the captain must remain on the bench. No player may shoot twice until all players have shot at least once.

How do the playoffs work?
  • Teams shall be awarded two points for a win, one point for an overtime loss or tie, and no points for a loss.
  • Playoff seeds shall be based on final standings, with the following tiebreakers:
    • Total Wins
    • Head-to-Head
    • Goals Against
    • Coin Toss
  • There will be two playoff rounds:
    1. 4th place at 1st place, and 3rd place at 2nd place.
    2. Championship. Higher seed is home team.
What are the game rules?

Games will be played under standard USA Hockey rules with the following exceptions:

  • Icing will be called when a player shoots the puck across both blue lines and the opposing team’s goal line, and the puck remains untouched. Any pucks shot from outside a team’s own defensive zone will not be considered icing.
  • No changes are allowed on icing.
  • Faceoffs may only occur on the nine faceoff dots.
  • When stop-time is in effect, an eight goal differential will result in running time.
  • Faceoffs stay in the zone if the puck goes out of play directly off the net.
  • No single player can score more than three goals in any single game, including overtime and shootouts.
  • Any goal scored violating this rule shall be disallowed, and a faceoff shall occur at center ice.
Who is eligible to play?

All players new to Rec League are required to fill out a self-evaluation form to determine eligibility to play.
In order to maintain a friendly and safe environment, the NYCGHA Rec League Organizing Commission has the right to remove a player from Rec League if they are considered to not meet our eligibility criteria and/or do not comply with the policies of the league.  In this case, a pro-rated refund will be provided.

How do I get into a Rec game one week if I'm not on the team?

The Rec League organizing commission will determine a pool or pre-approved alternates that captains may utilize. If you would like to be considered for an alternate position, please read the Policies for Rec League Alternates, and then fill out our self-evaluation form.

What's the deal with jerseys?
  • Jerseys provided are the property of the NYCGHA and must be returned at the end of each season in usable and clean condition. You have the option to purchase jerseys at $50 each.
  • Each team will have its own jersey with team logo and color.
  • All full-time Rec League players must wear their assigned Rec League jersey
  • You will be assigned a jersey number. Please do not request a specific number. All numbers are assigned based on the next available number.


Rec League – Fall 2018-19 Standings


Scoring Leaders – Fall 2018-19

1Jon TotaroPolar Bears234215
2Nikhil WadhwaHurricanes152014
3Jeffrey ChadwickRockets127012
4Polar Bears AlternatePolar Bears121213
5David PetersonHurricanes112214
6Declan Byrnes-EnochTigers112412
7Michael RothHotshots113212
8Luca CritelliHotshots101212
9Josh LambertRockets91010
10Kevin PetersonTigers87211
11Hotshots AlternateHotshots85412
12Egbert StolkTigers72212
13Bob McGannTigers63210
14Josh LeavittRockets62213
15Douglas AlteenRockets62012
16Timothy ParsonsTigers63012
17Rockets AlternateRockets64012
18Hurricanes AlternateHurricanes60615
19Peter KettelHurricanes51013
20Andy BrownHotshots52015
21Patrick HoferRockets511012
22Tigers AlternateTigers56214
23Therese CoxTigers41210
24Matthew CifaldiPolar Bears42213
25Doug BairdHotshots40011
26Alex NizhikhovskiyTigers41011
27James HarbRockets43211
28Brian MarshallPolar Bears4046
29Edwin LiRockets40010
30Tatiana DonaldsonTigers42210
31Vinny PiccoloHurricanes40216
32Alexander BlankHurricanes32013
33Dylan YoungPolar Bears33015
34Jared DymbortHotshots35211
35Patrick CurrierHurricanes31012
36Mark GazdikHotshots31014
37John KiddPolar Bears32413
38Pietro ScorsonePolar Bears32013
39Jonathan TaubergHurricanes30013
40Joseph LauberthTigers3148
41Thomas LaurensonHotshots33416
42Eric AvrumsonRockets2109
43Charlie CzermakHotshots23214
44Batz BalfourTigers22212
45Bernard SunRockets22010
46Drew RanieriPolar Bears2004
47Evgeny PlatonovHurricanes20012
48Yakov BalakhovskyHurricanes21013
49Maxim BrownHotshots21015
50Susanna ProughPolar Bears12413
51Brent BarkhausPolar Bears10013
52Andrew FranklinPolar Bears11108
53Vinny Di CairanoRockets11013
54Jay GaviganHotshots1128
55Spenser AlpernHurricanes1043
56Paul ChangTigers11010
57Mike JaoudeTigers1326
58Taylor ThompsonHurricanes10412
59Michael RussRockets10014
60August AlpernHurricanes1006
61Zachary GlassnerPolar Bears13214
62Peter KaszubinskiHurricanes10214
63Jean-Michel BouchardHotshots10015
64John MancusoHotshots1108
65Michael Della TorreHurricanes1009
66John OsbornHotshots1109
67William PadoverTigers05212
68Steven BeerHotshots0001
69Rachel DonnerPolar Bears05014
70Yael EzerHurricanes02210
71Travis BradleyHotshots0007
72Amy RappoHotshots00810
73Joel SchiffmanRockets00011
74Alexander BelopolskyPolar Bears0005
75Melody TranHurricanes00014
76Matty GaffneyRockets01013
77Matthew FreihautPolar Bears01213
78Emily KirklandHotshots00010
79Allison SpitzTigers04413
80Rachel KoteenRockets00211
81Tal GoretskyRockets0045
82Jonathan RichterPolar Bears0008
83Pascal Van GarderenTigers02211
84Jonathan LohPolar Bears0005
85Scott ThoresenPolar Bears00011
86Abigail BankerRockets00013
87Lorraine PisaniHurricanes0002
88Joseph SchorrTigers0007

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