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Policies for Rec League Alternates

Playing: For each game, you should RSVP if you are available to play.  Alternates will only be allowed to choose between “Available to Play” and “Not Playing”.  You MUST RSVP through Team Cowboy to participate in a game.
A couple of days prior to the game, one of the captains will reach out to you if you are chosen to play in one (or both) of the games. They will also update your RSVP to “Playing” and provide your team assignment on Team Cowboy.  You will NOT receive an email if you are not chosen to play. You can always check Team Cowboy to check your playing status.  Alternates are chosen based on ability level to match the ability level of the full-time player you will be replacing.
Jerseys: At game time, you will be provided with a jersey matching the team you are playing for. At the end of the game, you must return the jersey to the team captain.
Payments (NEW FOR 2017-18):
  • You must prepay for alternate spots in order to be able to RSVP for any games. You can purchase alternate spots by clicking here.
  • You have until noon on the Thursday before the Sunday game to indicate your availability. Do not indicate “Available” unless you are 100% sure you are able to participate.
  • If you are picked to be an alternate, you will be contacted via email and your status will be changed on Team Cowboy to “Playing”. One of your passes will then be automatically deducted from your account.
  • If you change your mind after the Thursday noon deadline and you are picked to play, a refund will not be issued. This is to ensure stability in the league and reduce the chaos when choosing alternates for each week.
  • Unless a refund is requested, unused pre-paid credits will be automatically carried forward to the next season.
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