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Payment Policy (click to expand)

The NYCGHA is a very small not-for-profit organization. As such, it entirely relies on its members to honor their commitments and to pay any amounts owed promptly. In order to survive, the NYCGHA needs at a bare minimum for its members to pay for the expenses which are incurred on their behalf by the organization. Since its inception, the organizers of the NYCGHA have worked very hard to save pennies wherever possible in order to build up a financial cushion for the organization.

This cushion primarily protects the organization from unforeseen risks. It also allows the organization to take advantage of significant financial incentives offered by Sky Rink (e.g., the early payment discount for league fees). It gives the organization the flexibility to work with members who might need help spreading payments out over the course of a season. And it allows the NYCGHA the option (when funds allow) to work on fee restructuring with players who have season-ending injuries.

Generally speaking, we ask all players to please pay promptly upon receipt of an invoice. When this is not possible, we ask that players please settle their account upon receipt of a monthly statement showing all outstanding items. Time and energy spent chasing down funds owed is time and energy that cannot be contributed to more constructive NYCGHA activities.

Specifically for Full-Time players, we ask that you make every effort to pay your season fee as soon as possible. By the time the puck drops in the first game of the season, we have already paid your entire team’s fees to Sky Rink and our coffers are nearly empty. Most of our teams start their season at the same time, and this puts a significant strain on our cash position. Your prompt payment is greatly needed during that time.

For those who are unable to pay their fees promptly, we ask that you please reach out to us to let us know the situation so that we can plan accordingly on our end. We are happy to work with members who need additional flexibility, but we cannot do so unless you reach out and let us know.

And finally, the Board reserves the right to take any actions it deems appropriate to protect the interests of the NYCGHA. Such actions might include requiring players to pre-pay fees if they are deemed to have not kept in the spirit of the above guidelines. Or in an extreme case such actions might include a suspension or ban from NYCGHA activities.

By Check

Please make checks payable to NYCGHA and send them to:

99 Wall St Ste 2158
New York NY  10005

(Yay for checks!  No fees!)

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